Sawatdee Khrab (Hello) from Ko Samet

Hello from Ko Samet, one of many beautiful Thai Islands.  We arrived here on Saturday, December 2nd.  We took a 4 hour bus ride from Bangkok and then a 15 min. speed boat ride to the Island and were dropped off right at our beach.  We had to jump off the boat into the water.  Thankfully the water temperature is around +32.

Ko Samet really is beautiful.  So far the weather has been perfect.  It has been around +33 degrees every day with clear blue skies, no pollution and fairly low humidity. 

The Island is really different than some others in the sense that there are no big hotels and condos built along the beaches.  We are staying at the main beach and along here, there are just bungalows.  There isn’t one hotel.  It is really beautiful to see as when you walk down the beach, you just see cute little bungalows built in the jungle.  We are staying in a bungalow that is built back into the jungle.  It only costs us around $35.00 CDN which includes air conditioning and breakfast.

We have also found the food here really amazing.  And many of you know, Thai food is awesome.  In addition to Thai food, all the restaurants grill seafood right on the beach.  So far, everyday, we have Thai food for breakfast and lunch and grilled seafood for supper.

The 1st day, we arrived in the early evening.  We checked into our bungalows and went for supper.  The restaurants often set up mats right on the beach and you sit right on the sand and eat on a little table.  The first night, there was a 5 person fire show.  Afterwards, we went to one of the beach bars.

Yesterday, Dec. 3rd, we had a relaxing day at the beach.  We caught some rays and around 4 pm, we went snorkelling.  We saw many different kinds of fish.  As we mentioned above, the water is around 32 degrees.  With that, you tend to spend hours and hours in the water.

Today, Dec. 4th, we took a 6 hour boat tour around the Island.  We fished, ate the fish we caught, snorkelled and visited a shark, turtle and fish farm.  It was a great day as we were able to relax on deck chairs on the boat while still seeing and doing many great things.

We hope to be able to put up a few pictures towards the end of the week of our time in Bangkok and some of Ko Samet.

Well, we’ve gotta go.  We have some relaxing to do.  After all it is an Island – a lifestyle we certainly could get used to.  :)

6 thoughts on “Sawatdee Khrab (Hello) from Ko Samet

  1. … but I hear that CP is reporting that some white Canadian tourist is scaring away all of the fish around some island in Thailand due to his choice in swimming attire…

  2. It just snowed yesterday and your comments about the beautiful weather is not helping…

    Kevin, it wasn’t fish the report was talking about, it was other tourists that were being scared away.

  3. I am not sure about the time difference between the Jeps Bungalows at Ko Samet and Montreal so I would like to be the first to wish you a happy happy birthday for your …years.
    Oh! God it is difficult to write your age because it seems it was yersterday (almost).
    I wish you all the best for this coming year. Should I tell you not only for the job…
    I know, I have to accept that the next year could be also a very important year in your life. But I don’t want to be the babby-sitter all saturday night hi!hi!hi! !!! Enjoy your holiday with Roger. I love you so much. Big kisses from Mum

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