Noah’s Baptism

Noah got baptized on July 12, 2009. Auntie Denise and Cousin Justin came to visit from Alberta a few days before as Justin is Noah’s Godfather and Auntie Denise was standing in for cousin Kristan who is Noah’s Godmother. They enjoyed hanging out with Noah. We spent a day at the Jazz Festival; we all had a great time.

A lot of family and friends came for Noah to the Baptism. It was a very nice ceremony and the priest was really nice. Tata Sego read a nice passage and then on to the baptism part. We were a bit concerned because it was a baptism by immersion during which Noah was going to be dipped in water three times. We expected screaming but Noah was very happy smiling away at the priest, it was great!

baptism dip

baptism-final dip

After, we dressed Noah in his white toxido. It is a very special outfit as it was born by Noah’s Godfather Justin at his own baptism almost 20 years ago. All the boy cousins in the Laforce family who have been baptized were baptized in that outfit: Travis, Justin, Daniel, Kurtis, and Kyle. Denise and Justin looked very happy to be there for Noah.

baptism justin denise

Noah’s grandparents, Tata Sego, and everyone else looked very proud.

After, everyone came to our place for food and cake.

Noah was very interested in his cake:

baptism noah cake

For more pictures of Noah’s baptism, you can visit our Photo Gallery and visit the “Noah’s Baptism” folder under the “Noah” folder.

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