Noah’s Arrival


Well, we usually use our blog to talk about our travelling adventures, but we have now embarked in the greatest adventure of our lives: parenthood! Our son Noah arrived 3 weeks early on March 25th 2009, weighing 5lb 13 oz and measuring 48cm. You will never guess where Roger was when Marjorie’s water broke, yep a Habs game! It has been a very exciting time, albeit tiring at times… Noah is a happy baby for the most part, of course he has his moments. He was pretty small but he has been a very good eater from the start and he is growing like a weed! For those who think “I don’t want to read about the baby, I want to see pictures” you can find plenty of pictures in our photo gallery, in the Noah Album. We may have gone overboard a little but you know how it is with first time parents!

One thought on “Noah’s Arrival

  1. Hey Hey a baby blog! Nice theme!!! ;o)
    Been checking out the pics with Melissa and we couldn’t be happier for you two… euh, three!

    Can’t wait to read up in Noah’s first trip!

    Take care all!

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