Bangkok (BKK)


 Here we are in Bangkok. Arrived last night, Bert was at the hotel reception when we arrived. Went out for a nice thai meal and met up with Bert’s friend Nott for drinks. It was fun, went to a karaoke bar listening to Thai songs.

Today Bert played tour guide and brought us aroung BKK. Went to register for my conference and then went to the Grand Palace. We took the boat bus to get there which was cool. The Grand Palace was slimply amazing! We are now in the Kho San area checking it out. Roger, under bert’s expert advice, is trying to book the flights for the last leg for our trip in January.

For those of you who do not know Bert I will give you a quick synopsis. Bert is our friend from Germany who Roger met in the North of Thailand in 1994, 12 years ago. In January 1996, Bert came to visit Roger in Edmonton and they went skying in Banff in the rockies which is when I met Roger. Roger and I are together thanks to Bert :-). Since then either Roger or both of us have travelled with Bert, usually around Europe many times. We have been to visit his family in Bavaria a number of times. Bert spends about 10 weeks a year in Thailand and South East Asia every year and is therefore a great guide.

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2 thoughts on “Bangkok (BKK)

  1. Bravo les enfants et merci pour ces commentaires et photos. J’ai l’impression d’être avec vous.
    Bonne continuation dans vos péripéties.
    Big kisses from Mum

  2. C’est génial de suivre votre voyage, je m’imagine le dépaysement que vous pouvez ressentir au milieu de cultures si différentes des nôtres…

    En lisant vos récits cela me rend plus “ZEN” si, si… cela m’aide à supporter le début de la saison hivernale à Paris

    Le retour de la Réunion a été bien difficile…comme d’habitude d’ailleurs

    Je vous fais des gros bisous à tous les deux

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