Lima (April 3, 2008)

That morning, we woke up around 9:00 am and walked to our B&B for breakfast. Even though we were staying at a hotel two blocks away, we still had breakfast at our original B&B. After breakfast, we talked to Angelo the owner, who gave us some very useful information on the city and historical facts. We then headed out to walk around around Mirafores which is the neighborhood that we were staying in. We were headed towards the ruins of Huaca Pucllna and went through the Petit Thouars market on the way there where we spotted places to come back to for shopping. The Huaca Pucllana ruins are ruins of a 5th to 8th century AD ceremonial and administrative centre of pre-inca Lima culture. The pyramid of small adobe bricks is 23m high. We took a tour of the ruins which was very interesting. Our tour was given in french. On the tour was another couple. The girl was from France and the guy from Lima. We started talking with them during the tour and found them very nice. At the ruins, they also have a small zoo with Alpacas, lamas, guinea pigs, and the Peruvian hairless dog also called “hot dogs”. They are called this because their body radiates heat. Due to the dogs higher body temperature, the owners of these dogs used to use them to warm their beds before going to sleep. The visit to the ruins was very interesting. Once again, we saw a culture that was able to build structures that have survived numerous major earthquakes while buildings that are built today can’t. The only bad thing with the tour is that we were exposed in the sun and we ended up pretty sun burnt. It was a bit frustrating because we had been so careful up to now.

After the tour, we chatted with the couple (Nadège and Franco). Our plan was to go for lunch at a place recommended by Angelo. After chatting for a bit, we asked them if they wanted to come for lunch with us and they joined us. We went to the placed recommended by Angelo called Punto Azul. It was great because Franco offered to pick a bunch of specialties that we could all share. The food was really amazing. We had some ceviche, another dish that came in the shape of a fish, some tacu tacu, some fish… By the end of the meal, we were all really full. And once again, the price was amazingly cheap for all that we ate. After lunch, Franco and Nadège had to go so we exchanged email addresses and headed off.

After lunch we went to the shopping center Larcomar which is carved right onto the cliff. From the shopping center, you could see out onto the beaches and the ocean. After a bit of window shopping, we walked down to Parque del Amor (The Love Park) which we were told is where you should go see the sunset onto the ocean. The sunset was indeed spectacular from there and we managed to take some great pictures. After the sunset, went to treat ourselves to some fruit smoothies from a small place that Franco had told us about. It was very good with lots of locals. The great part was that there were tons of flavors that we would never find back home as they are made from local fruits. Afterwards, we took a cab back to the Petit Thouars market to do some souvenir shopping. This market is huge and has hundreds upon hundreds of stalls. Marjorie had found a nativity scene on the first day of the trip in Arequipa and was hell bent on finding it again. Thankfully we did. Bought a few other things where Roger had fun trying out his negotiating skills.

After all the shopping, we were finally hungry so we headed to a big grocery store across the street from our hotel (called Wongs) to buy something to eat as well as a few things to bring back to Canada. It was really interesting to walk around there as we got a chance to see so many local products. When traveling, we always make a point of trying to visit a grocery store. Afterwards, we headed back to our hotel to get a good nights sleep. Another busy day where we saw many amazing things.

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