Puerto Maldonado to Lima (April 2, 2008)

That morning at breakfast, we told Freddy that some money and our swiss army knives had been stolen. He seemed quite mortified and went to talk to the rest of the staff. We got out stuff ready and went down the rugged path one last time. Before we got in the truck, Freddy explained to us that a young man who had an accident with a brain injury, was working at the lodge for a few days as part of his rehabilitation and had been stealing. When we got back the office in town, Tatiana was very apologetic. She said they had searched the young man and found the money and the knives and gave them back to us. The priest running the shelter also came to offer him apology.  After we left the office, we went to the market to do a bit of shopping, went for ice cream and them made out way to the airport.

We took our flight to Lima. Kevin and Melissa had a few hours in Lima and then were taking their flight back to Canada late that night. We had a couple more days and we had booked a hotel in Lima. Part of the service was to have someone pick us up at the airport (for a fee of course). So we all took the cab into the city. Kevin and Melissa were going to drop off their bags at our room for a few hours. The cab ride was nice – ok maybe a bit stressful because of traffic. They do drive crazy in Lima – probably some of the craziest driving we’ve ever seen.   The 45 min. drive to our hotel brought us along the ocean where we saw some beautiful beaches. When we arrived at our hotel, which was more a bed and breakfast, the guy came out and explained to us that it was full but that there was a room for us two blocks away. It seemed a bit fishy but in the end everything worked out.
As it was Kev and Mel’s last night in Peru, we decided to go for a nice supper at an upscale restaurant on a pier on the ocean.  The restaurant is called Rosa Nautica (we had read about it in both of ours books). It was really nice. Just sitting on the pier with the waves crashing underneath with the sunset and people surfing, it was quite the setting. The food was also quite wonderful. A great to spend our last evening all together. We then walked around a small market in the center of Miraflores which is the neighbourhood where we stayed, and then it was time for Kevin and Melissa to take their cab to the airport.  We were sad to see them go as we had 2 wonderful weeks traveling together.  After they left, we headed to bed as it was 11:00 pm and the day had started fairly early and had been busy.

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