Puerto Maldonado (April 1, 2008)

This morning, we were woken up in the early hours of the morning by the torrential rain. Just the sound of the rain was impressive, try to add thunder and lightning while you are in a little straw hut and you have the full effect. It was kind of cool. As a result of the rain,  the description of the day will be pretty quick. It rained most of the day and we just chilled… We read, slept a lot, of course went for breakfast and lunch. Roger and I watched the Motorcycle Diaries in bed that morning on our Itouch – what a great movie.  After lunch, the four of us played dice with Freddy.

In the afternoon, the rain stopped and Roger went on a jungle walk with Freddy.  He didn’t see many animals as it had just stopped raining but was impressed with how dense the forest was.   When he came back, Kevin and Roger went down to the pool while Melissa and Marjorie sat on our longchair on the deck chatting and appreciating the magnificent view of the jungle. That afternoon, Melissa realized she was missing money in her wallet. So we all decided to look and see if anyone else what missing anything. Kevin realized he was missing his swiss army knife and after a while Roger realized he was missing his too. It really sucked! We were the only guests there and we were in the middle of the jungle so it tends to limit the number of potential suspects… We decided to wait until breakfast the next morning to talk to Freddy about it and just enjoy our last night there.

That afternoon, we had a few drinks on the deck overlooking the jungle. We then went to the bar to have some Pisco Sours.  The Pisco Sours were great.  We ate another great supper and then played cards for a while (well until we had lights as we had electricity only from 5pm to 10pm.)

All around, despite that we didn’t get a chance to visit much of the jungle because of the rain, we enjoyed the day as it was the first day since the start of the trip where we really just hung out and relaxed.

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