Trip to France 2011

We had a great time in France even though traveling with a 3 months old and a two and half year old keeps you pretty busy. The plane ride went really well. We started the trip in Alsace to visit Marjorie’s Grandma and our friends Perrine and Loic and their little girl Charlotte. The jetlag was not too bad and we really enjoyed spending time with everybody (and also the wonderful food of course). Alsace is really a beautiful region. Noah and Charlotte who are the same age also had fun together.


We then drove to Normandy with a pit stop in Amiens to visit Marjorie’s uncle. It was a pretty long drive but with Marjorie juggling in the back seat to entertain both kids, it went fairly well. In Normandy, we stayed with Frederic and Sylvie who were really fantastic with the kids. Noah was so proud that he got to drive a tractor lawnmower and able to pet their farm animals and eat the fruits from the garden. Marjorie’s grandpa got to meet Anna for the first time and that was a very special moment!


It was also Noah’s first time at the beach and he absolutely loved it. It was really special that he got to discover the ocean were his mommy grew up.



Then it was the big weekend! With our 10th wedding anniversary and Anna’s baptism. Thanks to everyone, we had a wonderful time. It was so special for us to see so many people we care about together…in France. The Friday night, most of our friends from Canada, London, and Scotland arrived and we all went to the restaurant together. The next day, our friends from Germany arrived, an international affair. It was really great to see everyone together in Le Havre. We had fun dining and dancing. Noah even sang a few songs, couldn’t get the mic away from him!


The party was a lot of fun. We are so thankful to everyone for making it an unforgettable evening. The next day, we had lunch for everyone and then it was Anna’s baptism in the church where we got married (and were Marjorie’s parents and grand-parents got married and were Marjorie and her dad were baptized). It was very nice.


The week after, we rented a really nice place in Deauville. At the beginning of the week, Curtis, Marnie, Chris, Martine and Gerald hung out with us. We had some really nice seafood. The terrasse was wonderful. It would have been a bit better if the temperature was a bit higher though.
For the second part of the week, Reza, Eva, Bastian, Juju, Perrine, Loic, and Charlotte visited. We enjoyed the beautiful beach in Deauville and visited the very quaint town of Honfleur.


The following week, we met up with our friends Kevin and Melissa near Mont-St Michel at a really nice rental place called Ferme Saint Christophe. It was a very relaxing week and we still got to do a lot of fun stuff: beach, Mont Saint-Michel, visited the Fortified city of Saint Malo, had some amazing seafood including oysters in Cancale, and went to the beautiful town of Dinan. Even Noah tried some oysters in Cancale and liked them :-). We also spent a lot of time relaxing in the beautiful garden.

Mt St Michel

The last ten days we spent with family in Brest. It was also wonderful. Noah and his cousin Malo spent lots of time playing and Anna and her cousin Enora (2 months younger) started chatting it up :-). It is an amazingly beautiful area with great beaches and scenery. Marjorie’s cousin Cédric and his wife Céline were wonderful hosts and it was also really nice to be able to spend time with Tata Chantal and Mamie Rolland.


All in all, wonderful memories thanks to everyone, thank you!!

You can see our pictures in France 2011 in our photo gallery

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