Noah is a Big Boy

Speaking of Noah, he likes to call himself a “grand garcon”. He has now moved on to a big kid bed and is quite proud of that.

Here is his bed:
Noah bed

He is very talkative and loves to sing. Some of his favorite songs are ABCs, Allouette, and Frere Jacques. He loves to count things both in French and English and telling us their colors (for example the cars on the street). He is constantly asking “C’est quoi ça maman?” “What is that Mom?”. His newest questions is “C’est qui qui a acheté ça maman?” “Who bought this mom?”. He is starting to talk to Mom in French and Dad in English and to translate for the other. The other day Roger told me to get some milk and Noah turned to me and said “du lait maman”. From the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed, he talking all day long – I wonder who he gets that from?!!? 😉

One funny thing is that he has an English accent when he speaks French, especially for the “r” sound. For example, when he says “réparer” – to fix – it sounds like rayparay.

Sharing his father’s passion, he also loves to cook and is constantly asking to help in the kitchen. Here he is making crepes with his dad.

Noah cooking

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