Noah and Anna

Noah has been talking about the baby for a while. He is very sensitive and always concerned that it might be hurting me. One day, I said the baby was kicking and Noah said to my belly – in French – “no baby, you are hurting Mom”. He was also trying to take it out of my belly to put it the bed so that I would be more comfortable.

Since we have been home with Anna, Noah has been really interested in her. When we first walked in the door, he used his stethoscope to make sure she was healthy.

Dr Noah

He likes to bring her blankets and toys. He also helps burp her by gently patting her back and helps to change her diapers by dispensing the wipes and taking off the buttons on her PJs. The other day I said she was hungry and Noah ran to the kitchen to get her a glass of milk ☺.

The best is when Noah holds Anna. Hurricane Noah does not move an inch – he is so calm. He also has a huge grin on his face and love and pride in his eyes. It is too cute.

proud Noah

Of course, he was his moments too. He is only just two years old after all. When I am breastfeeding Anna, a few times he has wanted me to hold him. But for the most part, he is doing very well and we are very proud of him.

proud Noah2

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