Anna’s Grand Entrance

I can’t say I had a smooth delivery but I definitely had an interesting delivery. My water partially broke at 6:20 am on the 14th of April and we went to the hospital shortly after. I was not really having contractions so the doctors induced me with oxytocin shortly after noon. Then things really picked up and I started to have pretty strong contractions and eventually got the epidural. In the afternoon, my doctor finished breaking the water to get things moving even faster. That was impressive in itself as there still was a lot of water. The doctor and the nurse said they had never seen so much amniotic fluid. Probably why I was so gigantic.

After that, the doctor examined me and said “I feel a nose and a cheek” with a frown on her face and said “I will be right back”. We thought it was a good thing that our baby had a nose… To make a LONG story short, Anna was not positioned properly. She was in what is called a face presentation (see schema below). Only 1 baby in 500 present this way and very few are born naturally (1 in 5000). The next few hours were pretty stressful.

Face presentation

First of all, many doctors came in to examine me (head of obstetrics, high risk obstetrics, etc…) with their students of course in order to give their opinions and also to see this rare case! We were explained that it was almost sure that the baby would have to be born by C-section. They also explained that babies that present this way come out looking like a boxer at the end of a match, very swollen and bruised up because the contractions put pressure on the face rather than the top of the head. They even showed us pictures from textbooks to prepare us.

The most stressful part was trying to decide whether to go for a C-section right away or try naturally first. Because the baby’s heartbeat was excellent and because I was progressing nicely, the doctors reassured us that there was no risk for the baby to try to push. They said we would see right away if she was not able to move and go for the C-section. So they booked the OR.

Once I was fully dilated, we tried to push a bit and the baby seemed to be moving. It was a zoo in the room with 3 nurses and 6 doctors who all wanted to see the event! Once it looked like it might work everyone started getting really excited and cheering me on. Because we had prepared for the fact that it was very unlikely to work, once we felt some hope, I pushed as hard as I could to give my all. After about 20 minutes of pushing, Anna finally came out. They put her on me and Roger said “It’s a girl!”. It was such an amazing moment and such a relief. She weighted 3.5 kg or 7 pounds 13 ounces. Her face was bit swollen and red but nothing compared to the pictures they showed us. The nurses were calling her Angelina Jolie because of her swollen lips joking that Anna got them for free rather than paying like Angelina Jolie does.

Needless to say, we were so happy to meet her! :-)

Picture with Anna Papa And Maman

proud parents

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  1. Reading your story I went back 6 yrs to the birth of my son Felix. I had the exact same experience. This is the first time I´m reading about face presentation… I´m glad I did! It was wonderful to reminisce! Anna looked just like my son coming out! :) Thank you!

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