Konnichiwa from Japan

After 21 hours of flying, here we are in Osaka.  We flew from Montreal to Vancouver and then onto Osaka.  As expected, business class rules!  Champagne, sake, and port along with a great japanese meal.  Of course, after sleeping only 2.5 hours the night before and with the fine beverages on the plane, we both had a nice 6 hour nap on the plane.  Time went by so quickly that we didn`t have time to watch a movie during an eleven hour flight.

Japan so far has been great.  The signs on all the restaurants and stores are all so bright and “cartoonish”.  We took the train from Kansai airport into the Namba area and made our way to our hotel.  The hotel is actually really quite good.  We were a bit nervous because we had a really, really hard time finding a hotel in Osaka.  We ended up finding this hotel last week and it was a lot cheaper than any other places we looked at. 

Gerald was already here when we arrived.  We headed out for supper and a few beers.  We had a great meal and a few Asahi beers.  We then walked around taking in the sites.

Well, better get some sleep if we want to start getting used to the time difference.  Tomorrow morning, we are going to Kyoto  for 2 days before coming back to Osaka to fly out to Bangkok.

Talk to you all soon.

Marjorie and Roger 


5 thoughts on “Konnichiwa from Japan

  1. Wonderful! Glad to hear the flight went well and you took all the advantages possible. Here, everything is fine and dandy. Nothing to worry about. Say, where is your fire extinguisher?


    Reza & Eva

  2. The lonely planet says that this is the best, most up-to-date travel blog on Japan they’ve ever come across…

    First class truly is the only way to travel! Anxiously awaiting photos.

    However, have to report that Reza is hogging the tub… and I’ve had to lock the boozle trunk.

    K and M

  3. Really though, all that the three of us mean to say is that (a) we miss you and (b) we are deeply disappointed to not be able to tune into the 15 channels of porn that you used to have.

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