And Noah turns 1!

Well, as always, life keeps us busy. The highlight of March was that Noah turned one on March 25th. We couldn’t believe that it has already been a year. Time sure does fly quickly!

He is doing great. He has become quite the little independent man. He likes to eat on his own, with pretty messy results. Here is a snapshot:


You can only imagine what the kitchen floors look like…

He also started walking the week before his birthday and is now quite confident:

Here he is in the park on Easter weekend when we had such fantastic weather (+27C!) playing with Dad;


He is learning all kinds of new tricks like making a fish face when we tell him to do the “poisson”. He can show you where his nose is and where my nose is.

End of February and March, we had fun with Dave visiting from Edmonton. We were very excited when Tamara, Jordan and Farfel moved to Montreal. We also had visits from Pete from Newfoundland and Curtis, Marnie, Evan, and Nathan and had a great weekend.

Of course, the highlight of the month was Noah turning one. He had a great time with his friends at his birthday party. Thanks everyone for making it a great day!





On his actual birthday, the Daycare had a little party for him which was very cute.


And then he blew a candle at home:


And open yet more gifts :-).


Noah also really enjoyed Easter this year. Instead of an Easter egg hunt, we did a ducky hunt. Here he is all proud after finding a duck:


Of course, he did get to eat some Easter chocolate and did seem to love it.

What else is new. We are making some changes in our house on the main floor. We are learning that no matter how minor the renos can be, there is plenty of room for mistakes and stress. We will post the pictures of our renovations in the next post.

Until then, if you would like to check out pictures of Noah’s birthday and pictures from March, you can visit our photo gallery at

One thought on “And Noah turns 1!

  1. Looks like Noah had a great birthday. Love his smile! I am going to send you some baby pictures of Connor and Aaron; it amazes me how much Noah looks like them (especially Aaron).

    I’m glad he had such a great birthday!

    Auntie Deana

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