Home Sweet Home (or so we thought)

Well, we made it home! It was a bit long but not that much. On the flight from Bangkok, watch 5 movies, had three meals, a nap of 4 to 5 hours and there you go, the flight is over. Everything went smoothly. We got home on Thursday, noonish feeling full of energy and then it hit us in the afternoon. We struggled to stay up until 8p.m. thinking we could sleep till the next morning and beat the jetlag quickly.

However, at around 5:30 we woke up because there was lots of noise in the back alley. We looked out and there were firetrucks in front of our house in the back alley. Tends to wake you up very quickly, even jetlaged. The restaurant across the back alley slightly to the left was on fire. Tons of smoke was coming up. I was pretty freaked out. Roger was telling me not to worry to try to relax (couldn’t really sleep from the noise from the trucks, chainsaws, water from the hoses..etc.). Roger kept checking. At around 7 am, he was looking outside our bedroom window and said ‘Holy shit’. I jumped out really fast and was pretty freaked out. Huge flames were coming out of the top of the building (did I mention that it was very close?!?!). I was starting to think about what I would need to grab if we got evacuated… Well, we did not sleep from 5:30 on.  The entire building burned to the ground :-(. It was a great Italian restaurant which we liked a lot. Thankfully, the firefighters managed to contain the fire to only that building.  It ended up being a general alarm with 125 firefighters fighting the blaze.  It was quite the thing to see (from our bedroom windos) as the restaurant is (well I guess now ‘was’) only 100 meters from our place…

Here are a few photos from our bedroom window:


It is kind of funny (in a disturbing way) –  I was telling Roger when we arrived home that it was nice to be home and to be able to relax completely. When on the road, you have to maintain a certain level of alertness and vigilance for the bags and yourself I guess. Well, I was home and it was definitely the most freaked out I have been in the past 8 weeks!

I think the moral of the story is “Travel some more because you are not any safer at home” :-)

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home (or so we thought)

  1. Ca ce peut pas que 7 semaines passe si vite! Holy crap! Bienvenue. Merci d’avoir prit le temps de nous conter toutes vos aventures. C’est bien de savoir que vous etes revenu sain & sauf. Domage au sujet du resto… Un peu d’excitement c’est bon pour le coeur n’est-ce pas?? Bonne chance dans votre réintegration à la vie reelle du travail : )

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