Winter 2010 – Back to Work

January was a very busy month at the Laforce household. Mom set up her new private office and started to slowly go back to work. We were very happy to find a spot at a really good daycare so Noah started his integration at daycare. When we went for the visit, we left Noah at the pouponière while we went on a tour. He never even looked back, too busy exploring all the toys. When we came back, he was sitting down with a book on his lap flipping the pages. Too cute :-)!

On the first day, he stayed for a few hours in the morning. Here he is on his way to Daycare:


He was looking around checking things out. We went to fill out some papers and when we came back he was sitting on a high chair eating cheerios and dancing to the music.


So all in all, daycare is going really well except for acute Daycaritis! We had been warned by all of our friends but were not quite ready for it. It started with a bad cold for the whole family (4 weeks later Roger still has postinfectious asthma!), then a round of nasty gastro (Mom actually ends up in the hospital for re-hydration, of course the night before Roger starts his new job – oops, I just spoiled the big news! More to come soon…). Then Noah has a double ear infection with antibiotics, followed by unexplained fever for a week which turned out to be Roseola. Oh yeah, and another ear infection and another cold. I think that’s about it for now but more to come soon I am sure. Come on little immune system, get stronger faster :-).

So yes, without further due, the big news is Roger started a new job on February 1st. Although he really enjoyed spending the first months of Noah’s life all together, he is really excited to go back to work. The timing was perfect for everyone. We all needed a new challenge. Although, it was a bit harder for Noah at daycare through the sicknesses (crying when we dropped him off and a bit during the day), it is going great now. He plays by himself, apparently talks a lot, and eats quite well.

Here is “Mr. Goof a lot” eating:


and going to the skating rink for the first time:


Noah has a few new tricks up his sleeve: he now says “Papa”, makes the sign for eating, waves bye-bye, does high-five, and never tires of playing Peekaboo by hiding himself!

When I dropped him off at Daycare this morning, he was really excited to see the √©ducatrices. He went into their arms, quickly turned to give me a couple waves good-bye and then was asking to go towards the toys. It’s like “Ok, you can go now. People to see, things to do.” Great, he is not even 1 year old and I am cramping his style! I can already see pre-K “Mom, don’t kiss me in front of the girls!!”…

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