Christmas 2009

Hi everyone,

Oops, we are a bit behind. So we came back from the West mid-November and spent the rest of the month resting and settling back into a routine. Noah got three teeth in 10 days! December was busy with family and friends and pre-Christmas get-togethers. Noah was also busy. He started pulling himself up and standing holding on to furniture. He also started climbing stairs and could not get enough of it.

Here he is pretty proud of his prowess:


He also discovered snow


We went to pick a nice Tree for Noah’s first Christmas. He found it so exciting he slept the whole time… Here is our tree pre-decorations:


We spent Christmas with family eating good food and drinking good wine.
Noah had a blast opening his presents. Lucky for him, Christmas keeps going and going.

Here he is with his first Christmas gift on Christmas Eve at home:


Here he is inspecting all the gifts at the Chalet in the Laurentians on Christmas Day. People usually weigh the gifts – he thought weighing and tasting the paper at the same time would surely give you more information…


Here he is enjoying his gifts at home after the Christmas madness.


We went to Ottawa for New Year’s eve to party it up at the Johnstone’s where we had lot of fun.


Noah had fun in the snow


You can see more pictures at:

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