When we arrived in Winnipeg, Kevin and Melissa came to pick us up at the airport and Noah was very excited to see them. We did forget to mention to them that we had a ridiculous amount of luggage with us: Bed for baby, stroller bag, toy bag, you name it…which could not all fit in the car. So Melissa and Marj took a taxi home.

We had a great time in Winnipeg. Kevin and Melissa were fantastic hosts. Noah had a great time playing with Melissa:


We went on long walks to check out Winnipeg which we really liked. They live in Osborne village which is a very nice area with nice stores and restaurants. We went to the market at the Forks and had some great empinadas and a deep-fried Mars bar! It was very good! We also walked around the Exchange area which has great old buildings, and the french area in St Boniface which is also nice.

I know we talk a lot about food, but you should know by now that food is quite prominent in our lifestyle :-). So let me keep going. Kev and Mel made us a great meal with grilled shrimps, an awesome risotto and delicious meat. Jodene came over that night and it was great to see her. We also ate in a very good Thai place, miam miam.

One evening, we went over to their friends Pete and Lisa who have three adorable little girls. They were so cute with Noah.


Anna (3) just could not get enough of Noah. She kept trying to carry him around saying “I am his Mommy” which he was more or less happy to oblige. After a while she said “I think he loves me”. It was sooo cute. After we put the kids to bed, Lisa and Pete said they were concerned that Anna might get up to go take care of Noah (as any good mommy should).

We had a raclette than night which was awesome. Roger cooked us a delicious Tarte Tatin for dessert which left a few injured. I am not sure how to explain this as you kinda had to be there but it is too funny a story to pass up (funny if you are not Roger or Kevin). So Roger cooks the Tarte Tatin in a pan in the oven, then takes it out and serves it. Then he grabs the pan handle and cries out in pain (as I said, the pan just got out of the oven). As he goes to the sink to put the burn under cold water, Kevin, who was cleaning up, grabs the pan handle and cries out in pain (did I say the pan was just out of the oven…!). Roger tells Kevin “How stupid can you be, I just said I burnt myself with that!). Kevin goes to the sink to put his hand under the water. To our bewilderment, a few seconds later, we hear Roger cry out in pain again and as we turn, we see him holding that handle again!! And this time, he really burnt himself. It was little watching a Vaudeville play except the actors were really getting hurt! Lisa’s frozen bananas (which really should have been used in baking) courageously gave their lives in order to minimize blistering!

Kevin taught Noah all he needs to know about the Blue Bombers (i.e., let’s hope that the Montreal veterans retire next year). Here they are cheering:


Thanks Kev and Mel. We had a great time!

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