More pictures from Vietnam

We’ve posted more pictures from Vietnam. They aren’t in perfect order –
we’ve tried to put comments on most of them. There are only a few from Saigon as we are still here. We’ll post more later in the trip.

Hope you enjoy them!

Pictures from Hue:

Pictures from Hoi An:

Pictures from My Son:

Some pictures from Saigon.

Transportation in Vietnam:

3 thoughts on “More pictures from Vietnam

  1. I wish you a very happy New Year!!! ans at eveyone who read this blog.
    Mes meilleurs voeux de bonheur, santé, réussite et prospérité.
    Mille bisous à Saigon

  2. A Happy and Healthy New-Year to you all!
    Glad to see the trip is going so well…and thank you both so much so keeping up with the pictures and blog posts…feels like we’re right along with you! ;o]

  3. Hi guys!

    Once again we wish you a very Happy New Year! Glad to see the trip is continuing well and that you guys are taking all those cooking lessons 😉 . Cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures and of course, cannot wait to see you guys back home!

    We love you!

    Eva & Reza

    PS: Reza is still available and more than happy to get you at the airport when you get back, so let us know!

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