Trip to Alberta

In early November, we decided, somewhat at the last minute, to go to Alberta to visit family and friends. Noah was very excited to meet some of his Uncles, Auntie and cousins he had not met yet. He met the Noels: Auntie Louise, Uncle Jacques, his Godmother Kristan and her boyfriend Craig and cousin Tracey. We spent quality with the whole family and Noah had fun playing with everyone (and creeping as fast as he could after the four cats!). As always, Uncle Jacques prepared some amazing food with roasted ham one night and deep fried turkey the other night. It was delicious!

Here he is with Auntie Louise who came to see him as soon as we landed:


He also met the rest of the Brattinga family: Uncle Pete, cousins Kyle and Kurtis. He was very happy see his Auntie Denise and his Godfather Justin and meet Justin’s girlfriend Rebecca. We spent some time in Camrose with them and had lots of fun.

Here is Noah with his Godfather:


We also saw as many as our friends as we could fit in to the trip. We saw our friends April and Alberto and their gorgeous kids. Here are the boys playing. Jayden said that Noah was creeping him out because he was staring at him which he does when he gets tired and is about to fall asleep. So we now also use that expression :-).


We also had some great lunches visiting with Claude and Louise and Alinda and Gil. We managed a quick visit to go see our friend Gerald who was visiting his Mom from Whistler. Mrs. O was very happy to see Noah and we were very happy to see her (and Gerald too of course).

We spend a day of pilgrim trip to Roger’s home town of Legal where we went to see Roger’s little farm house he grew up in and checked out the town. We then went to visit Roger and Danielle and the kids in Legal and had a great visit. They had received that day a shipment of… 31,000…newborn chicks. we went to introduce Noah. He loved being surrounded by chicks but I have to say he was pretty wary. Maybe he is a smart man :-).

Here are some pictures:



We also managed to fit in lunch at our favorite restaurant, the Golden Bird where we met our friend Todd. The Vietnamese family who owns the place knows us well and was very happy to meet Noah. They took him when we got there and we barely saw him for an hour. I think he met every patron in the restaurant and loved it.

We went for a sleep over at Rob and Vaneesa’s. Noah had fun with Amanda and Matthew.


We also all had a lot of fun playing the Wii together. Also found out that we hate the Wii fit who smugly tells you that your fitness level is about 15 years older than your actual age. How rude!!

Well, that’s it in a nutshell: lots of visiting, great food, and a lot of fun. OK, I probably should add exhaustion. Noah apparently was not a big fan of the West. I guess he is a bit snob after two months in France. He said “where is the red wine tasting and the smell of fresh baked pastries?”. He did not sleep well at all when we were there which was hard on everyone and about half way through decided to go on a solid food hunger strike which was quite stressful for his parents as he usually is Mister “My jaw is going to fall off because I open my mouth so wide to eat”.

After 8 days of great visiting, we starting heading back east with a stop over in Winnipeg to go see our friends Kevin and Melissa.

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