October 2009

October was a busy month filled with visits from family and friends as well as great events like Thanksgiving and Halloween.

For Thanksgiving, Auntie Anette, Uncle Ken, and cousins Travis, Daniel and Lindsay came to visit from Vancouver. It was the first time they met Noah and everyone had a great time together. Went on long walks in the city to McGill Campus and the Jean Talon market, enjoyed our neighborhood with good coffee and good pastries and of course enjoyed good food at home.


Here is a Fall family picture at the Jean Talon market.


Noah also went to a Canadians practice with his parents and cousin Travis. He was mildly impressed and thought the Canadians still had room for improvement.


Noah has been discovering all kinds of new veggies and fruit and so far loves them all. He also started sitting on his own in early October and shortly after started creeping around. He loves his new found mobility. He cruises around pretty fast. He also loves to pull himself up and stand. He is still a happy giggly baby.


We went to our friends Lucie and Crawford’s for a jamming session with a group of people. Noah enjoyed the attention from the baby girls :-).


He also got right into the music


His little friend NIkita came to visit and that had a great time playing together.


Our friend Dave came to visit from Edmonton, It was great to see him.

For Halloween, we had our annual Halloween Bash and Noah had a great time. He was a bit skeptical of his Mom with a beard at first but then was killing himself laughing at his scary clown dad! Noah was dressed as a skeleton.


We decided somewhat last minute to go visit family and friends in Alberta so early November will be Alberta bound…

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