Hue (Central Vietnam)

Hue used to be the capital for a while and was where the Emperors from the Nguyen dynasty used to live. It has an old Citadelle with the Emperor’s palaces as well as their burial grounds. Unfortunately the Citadelle was mostly destroyed by bombing from the different wars.

On Dec. 22nd, after our 11 hours train ride from Hanoi to Hue, we had a very relaxing day in Hue. We checked in to our hotel and really liked the room. It was big with a private balcony with a nice view and even a computer with free internet in the room! It was very nice. We went for Pho (beef soup), walked around town and relaxed in the room. We took the opportunity to write a few blog entries and upload some of our pictures.

The next day was not so relaxing… We had booked a day tour to go visit all the sites. Our guide was pretty hard core and we did lots during the day. When we would get off the minivan, the guide would tell us, not jokingly, ” You have 30 min. Never, ever be 5 min. late, otherwise you walk to the next stop!”. It was an interesting experience, but we did see lots of beautiful sites and met some nice people. We met Emma from New Zealand. Her boyfriend was not there because he was crook (we learned that it meant sick…). That night was went to a nice restaurant called Y Thao Garden. The presentation was amazing and the food very good. You will be able to see some of the the way the food was presented in our photo gallery.  We met a very nice swiss couple and after supper, visited the beautiful house of the restaurant owners together.

The next morning, we took the bus at 8:00 for Hoi An.

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