Trip to France 2009 – Three Weeks in Provence – Week 1

So we arrived at the Mas Souleiado, our Provencial villa in the town of Goudargues on the Saturday and fell immediately in love. It was a gorgeous 200 to 300 years-old stone house with a great terrace and an amazing pool.

Here is a snap shot:



After their journey, The Johnstones arrived a little tired but excited. Roger cooked us a nice BBQ that night that we ate on the terrace. The BBQ is built Looking through the window inside the house was beautiful. It was like being a movie.

Another great part about the house was that we were a 1-minute walk from the center of Goudargues. The next day, we went to get pastries at the bakery and enjoyed breakfast. We then went to check out the little town which is very beautiful. We stop for a drink by the canal where guys had Pastis, the local drink.


That weekend, there was a little fair in the town, so we went for a stroll. We finished off the day we another nice BBQ. Oh, and of course we went for a dip in the pool.

On the Monday, we went to see our friend Claire at her vineyard at Domaine Clavel. She recommended that we go visit a medieval town called Aiguese, which was very beautiful. It is classified as one of France’s most beautiful towns.


However, it was a big hot and we were happy to get home to go for a swim.

Tuesday, we went to the market in another little town called Montclus. We knew nothing about the town but had read it was market day. When we got there, it was another medieval town with a gate and remparts. That is the amazing part about this region – all kinds of beautiful medieval towns. We strolled around for a bit and bought different kinds of olives and tapenades.


We spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool.

Noah and Nathan have a lot of fun hanging out together by the pool


That night we ate at a restaurant by the river with swans casually swimming by. The next day (Wedneday), we went to the market in the beautiful town of Uzes. Uzes market is very famous in the region and is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


We got some more olives and also bought some seafood for that night. We had a nice lunch in town with great big salads. After the market, we visited the Pont du Gard, a amazing 2000 years old bridge. It was so hot that the adults took turns visiting the bridge so that the kids could stay in the air conditionned car. Who wanted to come to Provence in August??? :) Thankfully, we always had the pool to cool off. On the way back from the bridge, we stopped at a vineyard to sample some wine and grabed a few bottles. That night, we had a great aperitif with all the tapenades, the olives and the pickled garlic.


Then Roger cooked us a great seafood super with Scallops and grilled fish with a sauce vierge.


The next day we went to Avignon, which is a beautiful city full of history. We went to dance on the Pont d’Avignon and visited the Palace of the Popes. Guess what, it was hot! It was nice but again we looked forward to getting back to our haven. That night, we decided to have pizza.



The next day, we decided to spend the day at home to take advantage of our last day and enjoy Goudargues. At the end of the afternoon, we went to Domaine Clavel for degustation, which was great.


Noah found it a bit boring


After that we went for a great meal of mussels and fries with Claire and her daughter Lou-Anne.


Evan and Lou-Anne had a great time playing together despite the language barrier. Evan was bit taken aback by the forwardness of French women grabbing his hand and hugging him.


At times, we felt we were living the life of the rich and famous. We had this beautiful stone house, an amazing kitchen, and a gardener and pool guy who showed up to keep everything tidy.

All around, our first week in Provence was about as good as it could be. The only thing we would have changed is we would have dropped the temperature down from +35 to about +30 on a few of the days. However, the nice part is that it is a dry heat and doesn’t have the humidity that Montreal has in the summer.

We are off to the Luberon region for our second week in Provence.

2 thoughts on “Trip to France 2009 – Three Weeks in Provence – Week 1

  1. That sound amazing! what a bad life tou have!!!!
    The babies seems to follow parents without problems. Noah looks boring sometimes but so cute. I miss you all but are very happy to see that you have a wonderful times.

  2. That all sounds really terrible. I’m never EVER going to go there. Like EVER. Isn’t it so much better just to hang out in a air conditioned modern apartment than roam around old medieval towns in the heat?

    And the food!?!?

    COME BACK. Like, NOW.

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