Trip to France 2009 – Due South

We took our flight back from London to Paris. When we got to the Paris airport, our stroller bag seemed to be missing so we went to the luggage claim and waited. While we were waiting, the police arrived and said they were blocking all access out of the terminal because of a suspicious package. So it was 9 pm and we thought, perfect, no stroller and who knows how long we are going to be stuck in the airport. Thankfully Noah was in a good mood and everything got resolved in good time.

So for those of you who are wondering if we picked up a convertible as a rental this time, no we finally have a family car. :-) We got a nice Volkwagen Passat station wagon – yes 4 doors.

After spending the night in Paris we started our descent towards the South, heading towards Limoges to see Martine and her daughter’s (Fanny) family. The GPS almost got us there no problem if there was not a town with the same name 40 km away… During our stay, we visited Martine’s cousins Dédé and Danielle who had prepared a great meal for us with home-made fois-gras and great wines. During the meal, Roger decided to baptize Noah a second time even though he was baptized the day before we left on our trip. During the meal, Dédé asked Roger to open up a bottle of Champagne. No problem – Roger has opened lots of champagne over the years. However, for some reason this bottle decided to start spraying everywhere including all over Noah. Despite his initial screaming from the surprise, he didn’t seem to be traumatized. And hey, there are worst things to be baptized with. :-) All in all, we had a great meal.


Noah was very happy to meet Pierre and Lucie (Fanny’s children). We visited the very beautiful city of Limoges by taking a little train ride through the town. We also walked through some amazing gardens around the visited the church which was build in the 12th century. The rest of the time we enjoyed ourselves with Martine, her daughter Fanny, Jean-Michel, and the kids.

On the Friday we kept going South to Montpellier to go visit Marjorie’s two uncles Pascal and Christophe. We got there and it was hot! 38 degree, not super baby friendly. So after lunch we went by the river to go swimming and find shade. It was much cooler and Noah loved it.

That night we had a nice BBQ with Marjorie’s family.


The next day, we made our way to Gourdagues to start our 3 weeks in Provence with Marnie, Curtis, Evan and Nathan. They flew from Montreal to Marseille and met us at our rental that night. The rental is awesome. More to come on the next post.

We will finish with a paragraph about travelling with a baby as the parents amongst you seem to enjoy it. We have been gone for 5 weeks now and we are now officially travelling with a full pharmacy. Noah has been having skins issues on his legs. We went to see pharmacists who gave us some creams to put on. It did not go away so we went to see a doctor who sent us to do some tests and prescribed some new things. It went away and came back so we finally saw a pediatrician who diagnosed ecsema and prescribed a whole bunch of new stuff… The good news is that his legs are doing much better.

Noah is changing by the day. This week was a big week. Noah rolled over on his own and is now able to put his feet in his mouth which he is thoroughly enjoying.

As always, more pictures can be found in our Photo Gallery.

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