Trip to France 2009 – Normandy

We took the TGV back form Strasbourg to Paris, no “cacastrohpe” this time! Marjorie and Noah waited at Gare de l’Est with all the luggage while Roger walked to Gare du Nord to pick up our rental car. He came back an hour and half later with a 2-door car. Marjorie was perplexed “They did not have a 4-door car???” Roger: “Heuuuu, well…., they offered me a family car or a 2-door Audi A3, so of course I took the A3…”. Moral of the story: never let the man pick up the rental car by himself! It was our running joke every time we had to exert effort to get the car seat from the back.

So back to our sheeps as the French expression goes, we went to Marjorie’s Aunt’s in Paris to meet up with her cousins and aunt. Marjorie’s cousin Cedric, his wife Celine and son Malo were coming from Normandie and going to Alsace and we were doing just the opposite so we decided to meet up in Paris. We met Malo for the 1st time. He is a cutie, he will be 3 in September. Malo and Noah had a great time. Malo was singing songs and playing with Noah who relished in the attention. As Malo kept pointing out to us and his parents: “ This is my little cousin – insert lisp-“ as he was petting Noah. Too cute.


After having lunch with everyone on the Monday, we drove to Marjorie’s grandpa’s in Normandy where we spent the next ten days. We spent a lot of quality time with Noah’s great-grand-father and his girlfriend Fernande. Papy was very happy to meet Noah, he seemed to be in awe. We also visited with a number of cousins and other family members.

Here is Papy looking a bit emotional:


We spent a day with one of Marjorie’s best friends Sophie and her kids. We went for lunch at the beach and had seafood it was great. The kids had a lot of cute questions like “Do you really have cowboys in Canada?”. My favourite was from Lea (5) reflecting on Roger’s accent: “Mom, does Roger ever speak normal?”

Here is us at the beach:


That evening Sophie’s sister Sandie and her famiy joined us and we had a great evening all together. We met Sandie and Stephane’s daughter Elsa. Noah was quite smitten with her.


On the Sunday, we went for a nice drive to look at the Chaumieres, Normandie typical houses and then went for supper at Marjorie’s second cousins who lives in one of these beautiful houses. Needless to say we have been fed some delicious food the whole time we were there. What Marjorie misses the most is the delicious farm butter and farm cream and of course stinky cheese. Needless to say we are putting on weight…

Here is a typical chaumieres:


On the Monday, we walked around Honfleur which is a beautiful town.


Finally, on the Tuesday, we had a nice supper outside at our cousins’ place. It was great to see everyone and enjoy a nice evening outside.


Despite what everyone says about Normandy, we had gorgeous weather, except for one day.

Although we knew it, traveling with a baby takes a bit of stamina. Well, taking care of a baby night and day is tiring, visiting people everyday can be tiring, eating like pigs is tiring, combine everything = pooped parents by bedtime.

Roger’s favourite part of the day is emptying the car when we get home. It takes 15 minutes. Out comes the baby chair, the baby carrier, the stroller, the toys, the play mat, the little bed, the diaper bag, the camera bag, the baby car seat, and oh yeah, the baby!

You can see more pictures of Normandy in the Photo Gallery.

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