Trip to France 2009 – Alsace

Our trip to Alsace started with a TGV ride from Paris to Strasbourg. It was the first time that Roger and Noah took the TGV and it was pretty cool. The beginning of the trip was a bit rock’n roll as Noah was hungry and a bit unhappy. People around us looked a bit worried… So as he ate, we heard a few diaper explosions and thought we probably had a “cacastrophe” on our hands. Did we ever. Mister had pooped up to his shoulder blades! As Mom sat him up to clean his poopy back, he threw up all over his mother’s lap… He thought it was real funny as he parents had beads of sweat coming down their foreheads. But quickly, everyone enjoyed themselves. Dad and Noah were really impressed at going 320 km/h. He was looking out the window with his huge eyes looking a bit perplexed.

In Strasbourg, Perrine, one of Marjorie’s best friends from childhood picked us up at the train station and we spent the next day a half visiting with her, her husband Loic and their daughter Charlotte. It was great to see them and especially to finally meet Charlotte (who was born on December 23rd). We saw them a couple more time during the week as Roger highjacked their kitchen for a nice meal one evening and they came over for a nice Alsacian meal cooked by Marjorie’s grandmother


Noah and Charlotte had a great time hanging out.


The rest of the time we spent with Marjorie’s grandma. She was very excited to see Noah as she hadn’t seen him since her visit in Canada when he was a month old. That evening, we went out for supper to eat something that we dream about all year long – Tarte Flambees (or Flamekush). They were awesome!


For the most part, our trip to Alsace allowed us to spend some quality time with Marjorie’s Grandma and our friends Perrine, Loic and Charlotte. Because we were pretty busy before leaving for France, this relaxation time was welcome. It has been great for Noah’s great grandmother to spend time with him and vice versa. Alsace is a beautiful area – here is some of the typical architecture.


The weekend before we left, some very good friends from Germany came to visit us. Bert and Lam drove down from Frankfurt (2 ½ hours) for 2 days and Biede and Monica drove all the way from Bavaria (5 hours one way!) just to see us for the day, crazy! We were very happy that they came to visit us and we had a great time with them.


They always say that when a baby is young, they change quickly. Well that is certainly something we’ve been seeing with Noah during the first 2 weeks here in France. He is now holding his head completely without resembling one of those bobbleheads. He loves to sit up and stand up (of course with our help) and is ½ way to rolling over. It is funny to watch him try rolling over as he is pretty stubborn (where does he get that from) and tries for 10 minutes straight before giving up. As you can see, he is really enjoying his trip.


Our course, as always, you can find pictures of our trip to Alsace in our photo gallery under the “Alsace” folder found in the “Trip to France – 2009” folder.

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  1. I love the poop story, man does it bring back memories hahaha… The joys of being parents and the memories that will stay with us are priceless.

    Hopefully the rest of the trip won’t be quite as messy!


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