Trip to France 2009 – Paris

Depart pour la France – 2009

This summer, we have planned an 8-week trip to Europe where we will primarily be in France (with the exception of 3 days in London to visit some friends). This will obviously be Noah’s first trip to France and he is excited to visit his “Mother’s Land”.

Here is our world traveller with his passport:

noah passport

We took the plane the evening of July 13th and to his parent’s amazement and delight Noah did not make a sounds on the plane as he slept the whole flight except for a few giggles during landing!

noah plane

Tata Chantal came to pick us up at the airport and we spent he next few days in Paris with Chantal and cousin Florian. The jetlag was not too bad as Noah mostly slept on the plane (his parents not so much). We arrived in Paris at noon and then stayed up until 11:00 pm in order to get ourselves back on schedule. It was a bit hard, as we had skipped a whole night. However, for the most part, Noah started adjusting quite well.

The first day we spent in Enghein-les-Bains, next to where Chantal and Florian live, where we went for a nice walk around the lake.

Chantal Flo Enghein

The next day we went to Paris. It was great to walk around Paris but it was hot (33 degrees). We had a nice late lunch on the terrasse of a Brasserie. Roger had a steak tartare and I had a great salad. Noah on the other hand had a hard time deciding what he wanted to order:


After lunch we strolled around the Champs D’Elysee where Noah had a chance to see the L’Arc de Triomphe.

champs elysee

After all this excitement, Noah had a nap on the Champs de Mars under the Eiffel Tower. He was very impressed with the Eiffel Tower and loved staring up at it.


On the Friday, we went over to Uncle Jean-Michel and Isabelle’s for a visit and had a wonderful meal.


The next day Uncle Jean-Michel and cousin Florian drove us to Gare de l’Est so we could catch our TVG to Strasbourg as the next part of our trip is in Alsace.

noah mum tgv

For more pictures of our trip 2009 trip to France, you can visit our Photo Gallery and visit the “Trip to France – 2009” folder.

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  1. Hello dears,

    It was great to have the chance to meet you at home, we were so happy. You are a beautifull lovely family and Noah is such a nice and wonderful baby !
    I am sure he will enjoy his trip in Europe, and we will be glad to follow you step by step.
    Kiss xxx

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