Pictures from Bangkok and Ko Samet

We finally posted some pictures.  The link below brings you to a few photos taken when we were in Bangkok:

This 2nd link is of some photos of our time in Ko Samet.  We will probably post more photos from Ko Samet a little later in the trip as we are still here.


Marjorie and Roger

6 thoughts on “Pictures from Bangkok and Ko Samet

  1. Happy (Belated) Birthday Marjorie!!!!!!!! Love the ‘Long live the King’ polo shirt….I also think I recognized at least one MEC shirt in your pics. Looking good!

    Glad you had such a great time in Japan, and we will definitely have to go back some time and experience more of that wall of sake, as well as other cultural attractions.

    We love your pictures!! They are awesome. Marjorie you should quit psychology and move to Hollywood — your henna tattoo is TOTALLY HOT!! You’re so ready for the O.C. 😉

    Also, we are very jealous….the beach looks amazing and I wish we were there getting massages too :-(

    We love you long time!!!!

    Liz & Scott


    We kind of hate you at this moment after seeing your pictures on the beach… mais bon, allez, on vous pardonne! It’s Marjo’s birthday after all 😉 .

    Glad you guys are having a fun and relaxing time. We’re having Raclette with Kevin & Melissa tonight and we’ll be thinking of you!

    Love you and miss you!

    Eva & Reza

  3. Seeing as only couples reply on this blog, we thought we’d say something too… which means that I (Kevin) wrote something and Melissa has infringed on my freedom of speech. Roger, just FYI my first response was way funnier…

    Anyways, the island lifestyle looks alright, hotels seem like they are satisfactory, drinks and massages on the beach – whatever, to each their own.

    Yes, we are jealous sitting here at the computer on a dreary Saturday morning…

    may the safe travels continue.

    k and m

    p.s. Eva and Reza, we’ll be there at 7

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments. They are great to read.

    Liz, I (Roger) also think that my wife looks hot with a henna tiger tattoo. You should have seen what the tattoo did to her. Grrrrrr…. 😉

    R & E and K & M, raclette sounds good. Thanks for the invite. Not! We hope you enjoyed your meal and that it warm you up.

    Last day on the Island. We are off to the north tomorrow. Gotta run and catch some rays…

  5. Je vois que vous avez pris le rythme des îles et que l’ordi commence à avoir moins d’importance et c’est tant mieux. Cela veut dire que vous décrochez.
    Les photos sont magnifiques et vous aussi. C’est fabuleux de vous voir heureux dans ce voyage et de voir à quel point vous profitez.
    Je vous envoie plein de bisous et vous aime très fort

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