Winter 2010 – Back to Work

January was a very busy month at the Laforce household. Mom set up her new private office and started to slowly go back to work. We were very happy to find a spot at a really good daycare so Noah started his integration at daycare. When we went for the visit, we left Noah at the pouponière while we went on a tour. He never even looked back, too busy exploring all the toys. When we came back, he was sitting down with a book on his lap flipping the pages. Too cute :-)!

On the first day, he stayed for a few hours in the morning. Here he is on his way to Daycare:


He was looking around checking things out. We went to fill out some papers and when we came back he was sitting on a high chair eating cheerios and dancing to the music.


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Christmas 2009

Hi everyone,

Oops, we are a bit behind. So we came back from the West mid-November and spent the rest of the month resting and settling back into a routine. Noah got three teeth in 10 days! December was busy with family and friends and pre-Christmas get-togethers. Noah was also busy. He started pulling himself up and standing holding on to furniture. He also started climbing stairs and could not get enough of it.

Here he is pretty proud of his prowess:


He also discovered snow


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