Back home – September 2009

After living the high life in Europe, it was time to come home. If I had to summarize:

week 1: Jet lag, Eczema madness, and two teeth!
Week 2: Catching up with our Montreal friends
Week 3: Friends visiting and starting solids…

Week 1:

So we got back from France on the Sunday night with a 6 hour jet lag. Noah decided that between midnight and 3h30 was a good time to have a party (it was morning for him after all…). The Monday, which was a holiday, he breaks out into a pretty major skin outbreak all over his body. So Tuesday morning we rush out to see the nurse, who calls in the doctor. They are not sure that it is actually eczema. They want us to see a dermatologist but there is a 6-month waiting list. After more phone calls from the doctor, they got us an appointment 20 minutes later (and it was a 20 min drive)… So we grabbed the baby and jetted there. She was also perplexed as it did not look like typical eczema. She said it could also be rare skin condition with no treatment (great!). If you remember from previous posts, we had spent a good half hour morning and night for weeks in France for Eczema treatment… She sent us to see a Pediatric dermatologist the next day (who says the Health system doesn’t work). She examined him and concluded that is a rare form of Eczema called Nummular Eczema which can be more severe. We left with two full pages worth of treatment with yet new creams, wet-dry bandages and tar baths… And that week Noah got two teeth! Factor in the jet lag and let’s just say it was a rough week! Where were our idyllic places in the South of France!?! In true Noah fashion though, he did not let a little eczema bring him down. Here he is having fun in the park:


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