Trip to France 2009 – Three Weeks in Provence – Week 1

So we arrived at the Mas Souleiado, our Provencial villa in the town of Goudargues on the Saturday and fell immediately in love. It was a gorgeous 200 to 300 years-old stone house with a great terrace and an amazing pool.

Here is a snap shot:



After their journey, The Johnstones arrived a little tired but excited. Roger cooked us a nice BBQ that night that we ate on the terrace. The BBQ is built Looking through the window inside the house was beautiful. It was like being a movie.

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Trip to France 2009 – Due South

We took our flight back from London to Paris. When we got to the Paris airport, our stroller bag seemed to be missing so we went to the luggage claim and waited. While we were waiting, the police arrived and said they were blocking all access out of the terminal because of a suspicious package. So it was 9 pm and we thought, perfect, no stroller and who knows how long we are going to be stuck in the airport. Thankfully Noah was in a good mood and everything got resolved in good time.

So for those of you who are wondering if we picked up a convertible as a rental this time, no we finally have a family car. :-) We got a nice Volkwagen Passat station wagon – yes 4 doors.

After spending the night in Paris we started our descent towards the South, heading towards Limoges to see Martine and her daughter’s (Fanny) family. The GPS almost got us there no problem if there was not a town with the same name 40 km away… During our stay, we visited Martine’s cousins Dédé and Danielle who had prepared a great meal for us with home-made fois-gras and great wines. During the meal, Roger decided to baptize Noah a second time even though he was baptized the day before we left on our trip. During the meal, Dédé asked Roger to open up a bottle of Champagne. No problem – Roger has opened lots of champagne over the years. However, for some reason this bottle decided to start spraying everywhere including all over Noah. Despite his initial screaming from the surprise, he didn’t seem to be traumatized. And hey, there are worst things to be baptized with. :-) All in all, we had a great meal.


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Trip to France 2009 – London

For our anniversary weekend, we decided to treat ourselves and go to London to visit our friends Dave and Fiona. We met Dave and Fiona in Vietnam on a cruise in Halong Bay. We met them again a couple of weeks later in Saigon and then again in Cambodia. We had a great time with them every time. Here is us in Cambodia:


We flew to London on Thursday night and Fiona came to pick us up at Heathrow. Noah took a liking to England right away and was giggling the whole car ride home. He had a great time playing with Fiona and Dave the whole weekend.

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Trip to France 2009 – Normandy

We took the TGV back form Strasbourg to Paris, no “cacastrohpe” this time! Marjorie and Noah waited at Gare de l’Est with all the luggage while Roger walked to Gare du Nord to pick up our rental car. He came back an hour and half later with a 2-door car. Marjorie was perplexed “They did not have a 4-door car???” Roger: “Heuuuu, well…., they offered me a family car or a 2-door Audi A3, so of course I took the A3…”. Moral of the story: never let the man pick up the rental car by himself! It was our running joke every time we had to exert effort to get the car seat from the back.

So back to our sheeps as the French expression goes, we went to Marjorie’s Aunt’s in Paris to meet up with her cousins and aunt. Marjorie’s cousin Cedric, his wife Celine and son Malo were coming from Normandie and going to Alsace and we were doing just the opposite so we decided to meet up in Paris. We met Malo for the 1st time. He is a cutie, he will be 3 in September. Malo and Noah had a great time. Malo was singing songs and playing with Noah who relished in the attention. As Malo kept pointing out to us and his parents: “ This is my little cousin – insert lisp-“ as he was petting Noah. Too cute.


After having lunch with everyone on the Monday, we drove to Marjorie’s grandpa’s in Normandy where we spent the next ten days. We spent a lot of quality time with Noah’s great-grand-father and his girlfriend Fernande. Papy was very happy to meet Noah, he seemed to be in awe. We also visited with a number of cousins and other family members.

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