Trip to France 2009 – Alsace

Our trip to Alsace started with a TGV ride from Paris to Strasbourg. It was the first time that Roger and Noah took the TGV and it was pretty cool. The beginning of the trip was a bit rock’n roll as Noah was hungry and a bit unhappy. People around us looked a bit worried… So as he ate, we heard a few diaper explosions and thought we probably had a “cacastrophe” on our hands. Did we ever. Mister had pooped up to his shoulder blades! As Mom sat him up to clean his poopy back, he threw up all over his mother’s lap… He thought it was real funny as he parents had beads of sweat coming down their foreheads. But quickly, everyone enjoyed themselves. Dad and Noah were really impressed at going 320 km/h. He was looking out the window with his huge eyes looking a bit perplexed.

In Strasbourg, Perrine, one of Marjorie’s best friends from childhood picked us up at the train station and we spent the next day a half visiting with her, her husband Loic and their daughter Charlotte. It was great to see them and especially to finally meet Charlotte (who was born on December 23rd). We saw them a couple more time during the week as Roger highjacked their kitchen for a nice meal one evening and they came over for a nice Alsacian meal cooked by Marjorie’s grandmother


Noah and Charlotte had a great time hanging out.

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Trip to France 2009 – Paris

Depart pour la France – 2009

This summer, we have planned an 8-week trip to Europe where we will primarily be in France (with the exception of 3 days in London to visit some friends). This will obviously be Noah’s first trip to France and he is excited to visit his “Mother’s Land”.

Here is our world traveller with his passport:

noah passport

We took the plane the evening of July 13th and to his parent’s amazement and delight Noah did not make a sounds on the plane as he slept the whole flight except for a few giggles during landing!

noah plane

Tata Chantal came to pick us up at the airport and we spent he next few days in Paris with Chantal and cousin Florian. The jetlag was not too bad as Noah mostly slept on the plane (his parents not so much). We arrived in Paris at noon and then stayed up until 11:00 pm in order to get ourselves back on schedule. It was a bit hard, as we had skipped a whole night. However, for the most part, Noah started adjusting quite well.

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Noah’s Baptism

Noah got baptized on July 12, 2009. Auntie Denise and Cousin Justin came to visit from Alberta a few days before as Justin is Noah’s Godfather and Auntie Denise was standing in for cousin Kristan who is Noah’s Godmother. They enjoyed hanging out with Noah. We spent a day at the Jazz Festival; we all had a great time.

A lot of family and friends came for Noah to the Baptism. It was a very nice ceremony and the priest was really nice. Tata Sego read a nice passage and then on to the baptism part. We were a bit concerned because it was a baptism by immersion during which Noah was going to be dipped in water three times. We expected screaming but Noah was very happy smiling away at the priest, it was great!

baptism dip

baptism-final dip

After, we dressed Noah in his white toxido. It is a very special outfit as it was born by Noah’s Godfather Justin at his own baptism almost 20 years ago. All the boy cousins in the Laforce family who have been baptized were baptized in that outfit: Travis, Justin, Daniel, Kurtis, and Kyle. Denise and Justin looked very happy to be there for Noah.

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Visit from the Alberta Laforces

Uncle Gerry, Auntie Bernadine and cousins Laykin, Dana, and Jaycee came to visit. We met them in Ottawa to celebrate Canada Day, it was a lot of fun.


We spent the day on Parliament Hill. Noah was proudly waving the Canadian flag. He had a blast.

Noah Flag

In Ottawa, we also went to visit our friends Curtis, Marnie, Evan and Nathan. They will come meet us in France in August. Nathan and Noah had a great time catching up.

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Noah’s Arrival


Well, we usually use our blog to talk about our travelling adventures, but we have now embarked in the greatest adventure of our lives: parenthood! Our son Noah arrived 3 weeks early on March 25th 2009, weighing 5lb 13 oz and measuring 48cm. You will never guess where Roger was when Marjorie’s water broke, yep a Habs game! It has been a very exciting time, albeit tiring at times… Noah is a happy baby for the most part, of course he has his moments. He was pretty small but he has been a very good eater from the start and he is growing like a weed! For those who think “I don’t want to read about the baby, I want to see pictures” you can find plenty of pictures in our photo gallery, in the Noah Album. We may have gone overboard a little but you know how it is with first time parents!