After our somewhat difficult trip to Singapore, that night we went to eat at an Hawker stand (which is an outside food court). The food was good. Roger ordered a soup, it turned out to have pig’s intestine in it. Thankfully, Marjorie likes everything :-).Our hotel, Fragrance Hotel- Crystal, was in the Geylang district which is the red light district. The hotel was therefore cheaper than other areas, so we decided to splurge on food. Even if it was in the red light district, the hotel was really quite good. However, one of the best things about Singapore is the food. Man, could we go on about what we ate in Singapore…

On our first day, we started on Orchard Road which is the “Rodeo Drive” of Singapore with lots of shops and beautiful malls. Oh, yeah, we forgot to talk about how clean Singapore is. As they say, it is a “fine” city, i.e., you get fined for many things such as littering, importing chewing gum in the country, etc. Roger’s sister Anette and her family lived in Singapore for almost two years so we checked out the area where they used to live and gave her a call via Skype from there. It was neat.

We then had Dim Sum in Chinatown in a very nice restaurant called the Tea House, which was recommended by girls we met in Vietnam. It was very good. We were a bit worried about the price when everyone around us were wearing business suits. Turned out to be somewhat reasonable. We didn’t care anyway because it was so good. One of them had mango and shrimp, hmmmm.

That afternoon, we went to the Singapore Zoo which is a wonderful Zoo with open air habitats. We saw many cute and beautiful animals. Some included deer mouse and cat bear (which you can see in our photo gallery). That night we went on the Night Safari which was very cool. Our favorite site was when we saw the big bull elephant with tusks. It was so majestic to see in the evening light. After the night Safari, we went to the Newton Hawker Stand (which is like a big open air food court with fresh seafood everywhere!). The girls that we met in Vietnam had written for us a list of the dishes we should try in Singapore so we started working on our homework. We had some black pepper crab (we picked our crab), some grilled tiger prawns, and some chilli ray fish. It was all amazing.

The next day, it was pouring rain. We went to Santosa Island and visited Underwater world which is a big Aquarium. It was quite the thing to visit as for most of the visit, you walk through a huge tube where you have the fish swimming all around you. The rays were really cool to see. We then went to see “Images of Singapore” which is an interactive Museum on the history of Singapore. It was very interesting as we knew very little of Singapore’s history.

Finally, we went to 4-D Magic theater. This theater shows 4D movies where you not only see the movie in 3D but also have other physical aspects of the movie (water spraying on you, chair moving, etc…). They managed to scare me a few times during the movie. It was really a cool experience. That night we went to a very nice restaurant called Jumbo Seafood on Clarke’s Quay. It was amazing food. We had an Oyster omelet, Cereal Prawns, and Scallops. (all from the list).

For our last day, we spent the day walking around the city: went to little India and a bit everywhere, had some more food and Roger tried some funky drinks. In the afternoon, had one last Tiger beer in a nice place and then headed for the airport. Flew from Singapore to Bangkok and then Bangkok New York. I have to say, getting out of the airport in the middle of winter with our summer clothes on in New York (as we changed airport) was really cold!!! And then it snowed shortly after we arrived home in Montreal. Welcome home!