Trip to France 2011

We had a great time in France even though traveling with a 3 months old and a two and half year old keeps you pretty busy. The plane ride went really well. We started the trip in Alsace to visit Marjorie’s Grandma and our friends Perrine and Loic and their little girl Charlotte. The jetlag was not too bad and we really enjoyed spending time with everybody (and also the wonderful food of course). Alsace is really a beautiful region. Noah and Charlotte who are the same age also had fun together.

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Voyage en France 2011

Nous avons passé de super vacances en France cet été, même si voyager avec un bébé de trois mois et un “grand garçon” de deux ans et demi est assez sportif!

Le vol s’est très bien passé. Nous avons commencé notre périple en Alsace chez Mamie Schmitt. Nous en avons aussi profité pour passer du temps avec Perrine, Loïc, et leur adorable petite Charlotte. Noah et Charlotte ont le même âge, et se sont bien amusés. Le décalage horaire n’a pas été trop difficile. Ça nous a fait très plaisir de passer du bon temps avec tout le monde et nous avons biensûr bien mangé (hmm, les tartes flambées). L’alsace est une région magnifique!

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Noah and Anna

Noah has been talking about the baby for a while. He is very sensitive and always concerned that it might be hurting me. One day, I said the baby was kicking and Noah said to my belly – in French – “no baby, you are hurting Mom”. He was also trying to take it out of my belly to put it the bed so that I would be more comfortable.

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Anna’s Grand Entrance

I can’t say I had a smooth delivery but I definitely had an interesting delivery. My water partially broke at 6:20 am on the 14th of April and we went to the hospital shortly after. I was not really having contractions so the doctors induced me with oxytocin shortly after noon. Then things really picked up and I started to have pretty strong contractions and eventually got the epidural. In the afternoon, my doctor finished breaking the water to get things moving even faster. That was impressive in itself as there still was a lot of water. The doctor and the nurse said they had never seen so much amniotic fluid. Probably why I was so gigantic.

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Noah Almost Lost His Birthday

When I found out I was pregnant and that I had the exact same due date as I did with Noah (I know, a bit weird), my worry was that both babies would be born the same day and therefore have to share their birthdays – March 25th. Because Noah was three weeks early, I thought the chances this would happen were somewhat low. Just in case, we had a party for Noah’s birthday the weekend before.

So on Wednesday March 23rd at night, I start having some contractions, which became more and more regular on Thursday. I had an appointment with my doctor that afternoon. She said I was in labor and already 2cm dilated and that I should go to the birthing center right away. So off we go.

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Not easy to blog when you are a parent…

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed that the blog did not get updated for about a year. Not always easy to find time in our busy lives… Well, to catch up with what happened during that year, you can check out our pictures in the photo gallery. You will find pictures from Summer 2010, Halloween 2010, Christmas 2010, Noah’s second birthday and other stuff.

We will try to make an effort to keep a bit more on top of it. I am sure we will have more time now with two children ;-).

B&B Laforce

B&B Laforce has had a fruitful early season :-). We had some wonderful visit over the past few weeks.

First, our friends Alinda and Gil came to visit us for a week from Edmonton. We had a wonderful time with them. It was s o great to be able to spend time together as when we go visit in Alberta is always goes by so quickly. Noah had so much fun playing with them.


Noah’s Godfather Justin also came to visit from Alberta. Justin and his little dude had a great time together hanging out in the backward and at the Park.


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And Noah turns 1!

Well, as always, life keeps us busy. The highlight of March was that Noah turned one on March 25th. We couldn’t believe that it has already been a year. Time sure does fly quickly!

He is doing great. He has become quite the little independent man. He likes to eat on his own, with pretty messy results. Here is a snapshot:


You can only imagine what the kitchen floors look like…

He also started walking the week before his birthday and is now quite confident:

Here he is in the park on Easter weekend when we had such fantastic weather (+27C!) playing with Dad;


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Winter 2010 – Back to Work

January was a very busy month at the Laforce household. Mom set up her new private office and started to slowly go back to work. We were very happy to find a spot at a really good daycare so Noah started his integration at daycare. When we went for the visit, we left Noah at the pouponière while we went on a tour. He never even looked back, too busy exploring all the toys. When we came back, he was sitting down with a book on his lap flipping the pages. Too cute :-)!

On the first day, he stayed for a few hours in the morning. Here he is on his way to Daycare:


He was looking around checking things out. We went to fill out some papers and when we came back he was sitting on a high chair eating cheerios and dancing to the music.


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